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San Diego State University

Office of International Programs

Frequently Asked Questions


International Travel 

What qualifies as Official University Business Travel?

To be considered Official University Business Travel at least one of the following criteria must apply:


  • A trip is certified by the traveler’s supervisor(s) CFO or designee to be essential to University operations;
  • The trip relates directly to University programs including professional development activities and objectives (i.e. research);
  • The trip is to a meeting of a professional association or society to deliver a paper, to serve as moderator or group leader, to serve on a panel, or to fulfill obligations as an association or society officer; or
  • The trip has as its primary purpose recruitment of faculty or administrative personnel.

How can I request an advance?

You may request an advance of up to 80% of available funding (maximum reimbursement) by ticking the appropriate box on your T2 and filing in the amount. 

How do I get my funds faster? (Direct Deposit) 

Sign up for direct deposit through Accounts Payable with this form:


This is a separate process from HR paychecks. Complete the form, attach voided check, and hand deliver it to the Accounts Payable office (AD 116). Bring your Red ID, or photo identification to verify that you are the employee requesting this service.

What is covered by the SDSU health and travel insurance?

The California State University’s comprehensive foreign travel insurance coverage includes but is not limited to emergency medical coverage within network, medical evacuation, auto liability, legal assistance, lost luggage, passport replacement, trip interruption and general liability coverage. Assistance is available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week. Coverage Summary [PDF]


I changed my travel date/cancelled my trip- what should I do?

Contact Nancy Demich at immediately, before date of planned departure to amend your insurance coverage or cancel the policy. Travel insurance is free to the employee but SDSU is charged by CSU. To avoid unnecessary charges please contact Nancy to cancel your trip prior to departure.


What does CSURMA stand for?

California State University Risk Management Authority

The office that sets risk management and travel policies for CSU institutions.