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San Diego State University

Office of International Programs


The Office of International Programs (OIP), in the Division of Academic Affairs provides a full range of services to SDSU faculty, staff and the University community.


  • Coordinates all international faculty and student exchange programs and international agreements
  • Assists faculty and departments develop international exchange activities for SDSU students
  • Administers a twice-yearly funding cycle for Faculty International Development Grants
  • Administers the U.S. Fulbright program at SDSU
  • Provides assistance to visiting international scholars
  • Serves as advocate for faculty international research and exchange programs
  • Serves as an information clearinghouse for CSU travel policies, international projects, funding opportunities, and academic programs and services that have an international component
  • Supports the university wide goal to "create a global campus" by promoting internationalization in areas ranging from curriculum content to campus cultural activities and speakers


The International Student Center (ISC) advances SDSU as a global learning community by serving as a crossroads for students from around the world seeking educational opportunities at SDSU, and for SDSU students seeking educational opportunities in other countries. The ISC offers a full range of programs and services to foster student success, global perspectives, intercultural awareness and international goodwill.